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Learning Groove Int’l is based in Sokoto, Nigeria and has experience in event branding for exhibitions and promotions. We can help with your event marketing materials, advertising, promotional literature and more. Our Event Branding Services include the following:

  • - advertising your event online or in print
  • - designing and creating tickets
  • - producing banners, flags, panels and boards
  • - producing stages, sets, stands and signage
  • - creating event maps, brochures, ticket, flyers and leaflets
  • - creating event websites
  • - creating a promotional social media strategy and more

Our service guarantees you'll have prevailing, organizing promotions- we'll make sure you get seen for the right reasons with professional, organizing promotional materials. We can give you a full suite of tools including branded brochures, giveaways and publications to ensure you convert interest into sales.

While promoting your event, we will avoid the trap of brand fatigue. While we maximise marketing efforts via email, social networks and your website, and remember to build anticipation and intrigue with new information and event teasers without going overboard.

Instead of repeating the same core message with the same branded imagery, we keep your efforts fresh, on-brand and tailored to each marketing platform. To avoid spamming your contacts, we target your marketing campaign to a specific demographic using relevant, compelling content.

Corporate Visual Identity otherwise known as Visual ID refers to the solid symbols such as a name, slogan, logo, and design scheme that you use to present your company.

At Learning Groove Int'l, we are knowledgeable in helping individual and businesses to build a visual ID that really depicts who they are and what their business is all about. We work to discover what makes your business unique and then build a variety of ways in which we can showcase that through materials and assets for both internal and external stakeholders you have. In our branding know-how we have productively technologically developed visual identities for many clients and some of this work can be found within our branding portfolio.

We can also help with branding your business gifts when there is a need to recognize a worker or reward client loyalty and patronage during seasonal periods.
S/N Service Timeline
1. Reservation of Name Same-day for all requests submitted before 5.05 pm
2. Registration of business name Twenty four (24) Hours
3. Filing of notice of change of business name 3 Working Days
4. Filing of notice of change in business address 3 Working Days
5. Filing of notice of change in proprietorship 3 Working Days
6. Filing of annual return 3 Working Days
7. Filing of notice of cessation of business 3 Working Days
8. Filing of other documents (miscellaneous) 3 Working Days
9. Search on business name file Twenty four (24) Hours
10. Certified true copy of business name certificate of registration Twenty four (24) Hours
11. Certified true copies of other documents Twenty four (24) Hours

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